• Putin Gives U.S.A. the finger on Independence Day! U.S. jets scramble to intercept Russian nuclear bombers off California, Alaska coasts on July 4th! (story & video)
  • Ruger introduces new SR-556 Takedown rifle
  • Is a real Red Dawn in the making??? Any Day, Russia Will Launch a Three Pronged Invasion of the United States!
  • Tennessee train carrying toxic chemicals derails and catches fire causing mass evacuation
  • VIDEO: Hitler Survivor Warns Americans: "Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns - Don’t Listen To Commies!"
  • Pentagon Building Cruise Missile Shield to Defend US Cities from Russia
  • Total of Indiana residents testing positive for Tuberculosis rises to 85
  • Build an 11 Shot Mossberg 500 – Detachable Mags, No Gunsmith Required!
  • U.S. General Dempsey report: Russia, China posing military threat; war with major power probable
  • Desperate Greeks Dumpster Dive for Food as Crisis Means "Americans May Face Severe Food Shortages" Too
  • Putin Says Russia Beefing Up Nuclear Arsenal & New Arms Race Prompted By Hypersonic Missiles Development? (Two articles)
  • New Colorful Hi-Point Carbines
  • Report: U.S. Must Modernize, Update Nuclear Strategy for New Century Threats from China, nuclear proliferation, will dominate future
  • Eliminate Toxins by Shemane Nugent
  • 12 Signs That The United States And China Are Moving Toward War
  • Military Hover-bikes Being Developed for U.S. Army (will probably be offered commercially)
  • Prepper & Shooter Magazine Issue 4 (print & download) now available! Click here for link!
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